Get Rid of Stubborn Acne With a HydraFacial®

Your face doesn’t break out in acne because you forgot to wash last Tuesday. In fact, it’s possible to overwash your face, making acne worse. When you can’t conquer stubborn acne with home care and over-the-counter products, it’s time to add Radiance Wellness MediSpa to your support team.

The reason? As specialists in medical aesthetics, Dr. Carrie Morris and her team recommend HydraFacial® treatments, a three-step hydradermabrasion system with a difference. It’s not only an excellent general skin care practice; it’s a terrific acne buster delivered in an aggressive-yet-gentle treatment that requires no downtime. Here’s why it may be the right choice for you. 

Follicle plugging

Acne outbreaks start when your natural skin oil, called sebum, mixes with dead skin cells to create a pore-clogging mixture that fills hair follicles on your skin, typically in areas well-populated with sebaceous glands, including your face, chest, shoulders, and upper back.

This mixture also serves as fuel for certain bacteria, and the blocked follicle is an excellent breeding ground, leading to whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. It’s easy to view sebum as the villain, but it’s an important part of skin health. With acne, the problem is often the local overproduction of sebum, not the presence of the substance itself. 

That’s why overwashing is a concern. It’s possible to strip away too much sebum when trying to reduce the follicle-plugging part of the problem. That’s where HydraFacial comes in, focusing on clearing your pores in a viable and healthy way. 

HydraFacial’s three steps

Typically performed in a treatment lasting 30 to 60 minutes, HydraFacial breaks down into three steps that complement your home skin care routine. 

Cleanse and peel

Your treatment starts with a gentle resurfacing, ridding your skin of the layer of dying cells that mix with sebum to fill follicles. The serums and skin-toning acids used in this first step combine to give you the benefits of a chemical peel or regular dermabrasion, but without post-treatment scaling. 

Extract and hydrate

HydraFacial uses gentle suction to help clear follicles of the sebum and skin cell debris. At the same time, nourishing and moisturizing formulas begin to replenish your skin, restoring vital skin toning nutrients. 

Fuse and protect

The final step of the process builds on the nourishing in the second stage by adding even more antioxidants and peptides, so you leave with glowing skin. Each HydraFacial treatment can be customized to your skin’s needs, so you may see changes in your procedure as your skin’s condition improves. 

Comparing HydraFacial

Combining aspects of both dermabrasion and chemical peels, HydraFacial works well on all skin types — not just light skin tones, which is sometimes the case with other treatments. You can return to your daily activities immediately after a HydraFacial session, unlike aggressive treatments that could require days of recovery time before your skin heals sufficiently.

When you’re ready to try a new approach to get rid of your stubborn acne, contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa at the most convenient location. You can call the nearest office directly by phone or request a consultation using our online booking tool. Get the upper hand on acne with HydraFacial.

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