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Get Swimsuit Ready with SmartLipo Treatments

SmartLipo Treatments Swimsuit Ready

Summer means longer days, warmer weather, and opportunities to enjoy yourself at the pool, beach, or lake. It’s that last one that fills you with anxiety, because you just don’t feel your body is quite swimsuit ready, and spring is quickly slipping away into summer.

At Radiance Wellness MediSpa, we can help. We offer Smartlipo® laser body contouring to help our clients trim trouble spots, such as your buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and arms. The process permanently eliminates fat so you don’t have to worry about bulges in your swimsuit.

Smartlipo can help you achieve a swimsuit-worthy body, even when diet and exercise have failed you.

About Smartlipo

Smartlipo combines laser technology with lipolysis to help you achieve a body that’s beach ready. The procedure offers an alternative to traditional liposuction, which is invasive and requires notable downtime.

Smartlipo features minimal downtime and far less pain that traditional liposuction, but still offers all the body-contouring benefits.

The process of Smartlipo

During a Smartlipo session, Dr. Morris starts by numbing the treatment area with local anesthesia. You’re awake the whole time, which means a faster recovery. She then inserts the Smartlipo laser fiber through a very small tube. The laser energy disrupts the fat cell membranes to liquify the fat cells, which are suctioned out.

Smartlipo technology prompts collagen development, which tightens the remaining skin, so you don’t experience the lax, dimpled skin that can sometimes be left by traditional liposuction.

Results by summer

Immediately following Smartlipo, you may have some swelling that masks your ultimate results. It also takes time for your body to produce the collagen necessary to tighten skin and heal enough to reveal your new shape. Start treatment, now, however, and you’ll notice results by late spring.

Your optimal results come in about two months, which is right when summer hits and you’re pool bound. You’ll continue to notice more improvement over 3-4 months, as collagen continues to form and your body heals entirely.

The reasons why Smartlipo is THE way to a summer body

Smartlipo is a superior way to achieve your summer look, as it involves minimal scarring and less recovery than traditional liposuction. Plus, you achieve tighter skin as a result of the treatment, a feature you don’t get with traditional liposuction. What good is a slimmer body if it sags in your trunks or bikini?

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your body and you’re in good health, Smartlipo may be just the right procedure for you. Fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise can’t escape Smartlipo technology.

After your Smartlipo treatment, you’ll get the best results if you continue to eat right, exercise regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle.

For a consultation as to whether Smartlipo is right for you, callus at Radiance Wellness MediSpa or book an appointment using this website. We have three offices in Arlington, Southlake, and Grandbury, Texas. We’re ready to help you have a body that you can’t wait to show off on your summer vacation.

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