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How to Brighten Your Appearance With Facial Fillers

How to Brighten Your Appearance With Facial Fillers

When you want to recapture the skin tone of your youth, shadows may be public enemy No. 1. Your complexion remains healthy, but the crevasses, lines, and wrinkles that begin to creep in can cast tiny shadows, creating the impression of a mottled skin tone. With overhead lighting, the effect can be dramatic. 

There are cosmetic treatments designed to smooth out these variations, such as a surgical facelift. However, minor lines and wrinkles appear long before becoming advanced enough to warrant surgery. Many people want a here-and-now solution that doesn’t include the expense and downtime of a major procedure. 

At Radiance Wellness MediSpa, we offer a full range of services to help you look your best, and we specialize in Juvederm® dermal filler products to fill in the spaces that create those unflattering shadows. 

In a single lunchtime session, we can help you achieve the brighter appearance you’re after, with effective, long-lasting results that work well alone or in combination with other medical aesthetic treatments. Here’s what you should know.

Dull skin? Blame middle layer deterioration

Many lines and wrinkles start with collagen loss in your skin’s dermis, the middle layer that supports skin on the surface. Collagen attracts and stores moisture as well as cushioning the epidermis, making it a key component of youthful skin appearance. 

As your body loses collagen in the dermis, cracks and crevasses form. Because your epidermis becomes drier and less elastic as you get older, it falls into these voids. At first, the appearance is subtle, creating only tiny shadows. You may think you look older, but you may not be able to determine why. It’s easier to see as these flaws deepen, robbing your skin of its bright and even glow. 

How Juvederm fillers help

Juvederm uses a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid as the basis for its filler products. It’s an astute choice, because hyaluronic acid is the substance your body turns to when it needs to store moisture. Juvederm’s gels complement your body’s chemistry as they fill in the lines and wrinkles that dull down your appearance. 

Lines soften, creases fill in, and volume lost to time suddenly reappears. The results of a Juvederm dermal filler session show immediately. While you should take it easy for the first 24 hours after your treatment, there’s no need to schedule downtime after your filler appointment. 

Your comfort is key. We use fine needles for precise filler injections, and there’s an anesthetic in the Juvederm product itself. We also offer topical numbing creams, though most patients generally tolerate Juvederm injections well.

Find out more about the applications and benefits of Juvederm facial fillers and the ways they can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa’s nearest office by phone or online to schedule your consultation today.

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