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How to Get Natural-Looking Lip Filler Results

How to Get Natural-Looking Lip Filler Results

To say that dermal fillers are popular creates an understatement of major proportions. Second only to botulinum toxin type A injections in popularity, fillers accounted for almost 3.5 million treatments in 2020. Dermal fillers work by bolstering voids in the support structure of your skin to smooth lines and wrinkles, turning back the effects of aging.

Dermal fillers can also add volume. Collagen loss starts for most people in their 20s and continues through the rest of their lives. On your face, collagen loss creates problems like reduced fullness in your cheeks and lips.

Though you may have seen images of lip filler treatments gone bad, the majority of them go well, and successful procedures are completely natural and undetectable. The key to success is finding an aesthetic team that understands the anatomy of the mouth and has extensive experience with dermal filler products and their properties.

In Southlake and Granbury, Texas, you can depend on the filler specialists at Radiance Wellness MediSpa to deliver the expertise and results that you want for natural-looking lip filler results. 

How your lips age

The structure of your lips changes over time. Along with the volume concerns related to collagen loss, you also lose sharp definition at the vermilion-cutaneous border, the boundary between the red part of your lips and your normal skin. Lines permit the bleeding of lipstick, and you may lose definition in the “Cupid’s bow” central region. 

Fillers to the rescue

Every dermal filler has its own characteristics and aesthetic targets, even within product brands, and certain filler gel formulations are ideally suited to treat your lips. Radiance Wellness MediSpa carries a wide range of products from all of the leading filler manufacturers, so we’re well-placed to advise you on the best products for your needs.

Some fillers — such as Ultra XC and Volbella products from Juvederm® and Restylane Kysse® — are formulated especially for adding volume to your lips while filling lines in the perioral area, around your mouth. When you’re dealing with the effects of time, these fillers shine at restoring a more vital, youthful appearance.

Younger patients also seek out lip enhancement, shape and fullness beyond their natural assets. These fillers also excel at supplementation to achieve the lip contours they desire. 

Keeping it natural

Maintaining a natural appearance after a lip filler treatment depends on two key factors.

The first is your expectations. Lip fillers are an enhancement, not a makeover. Expecting to dramatically alter the size and shape of your lips won’t deliver a natural-looking end result. Your aesthetic specialist can help guide you when you aren’t sure about how much change to request or expect.

The second key factor is choosing a provider with a medical background that includes detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the lips and mouth as well as experience with the appropriate filler products available for use on the lips.

Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa today to have your lip filler questions answered. You can book your consultation by phone or online.

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