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How We Can Help You Rejuvenate Your Sun Damaged Skin

Few people will argue that the sun feels great on their skin — if they can get out of it when they’ve had enough. The sun is also essential to your health in limited doses. The “everything in moderation” axiom certainly applies, though, because sunburn, sunstroke, and longer-term effects accompany too much unprotected time outdoors.

The sun can dry out and deteriorate the quality of your skin, too, a process called photoaging. This stems from the effects of ultraviolet (UV) components of sunlight or artificial sources like tanning beds. The results are like chronological aging, except they can show up years before they would normally.

Radiance Wellness MediSpa specializes in rejuvenating your sun damaged skin with a range of treatment options that are tailored for the signs of photoaging that affect you the most. Contact us to arrange your personal consultation to learn more about how you can turn back the artificial hands of time that sun damage creates.

Common signs of photoaging

Medically known as solar lentigines, you know these signs of sun damage as sun, age, or liver spots. They’re clumps of skin pigment that form due to UV exposure that typically appear on your face and the back of your hands. Photoaging generally creates uneven skin tone over time.

Your nose, neck, and cheeks are key spots vulnerable to spider veins — damaged blood vessels near the surface that can give you a spotty, flushed appearance. Combine these discolorations with a general loss of skin tone that accompanies unprotected time in the sun, and your skin ages faster.

Prolonged sun exposure over years can deepen the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. Lines on your forehead suffer a similar fate, giving you a permanently concerned expression. Actinic keratoses start to appear — these rough and scaly red spots can be precancerous and therefore a point of concern.

Combating sun damage

Radiance Wellness MediSpa offers three key approaches to correcting the effects of sun damage. These treatments mix well with other skin care routines to refresh and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance. Talk to your aesthetics specialist about the best options for your skin.


Think of HydraFacial as dermabrasion with a difference. Skin cells turn over all the time, and part of the tired, dull appearance your face accumulates comes down to dead skin cells.

HydraFacial exfoliates like other dermabrasion procedures, but it goes beyond — cleaning pores with gentle suction while nourishing and hydrating your skin for optimal glow.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy

It may seem odd to turn to light energy to correct the effects of sun damage, but remember that it’s the UV components that harm you.

IPL works in a similar way to cosmetic lasers, but instead of a highly focused single wavelength of light, IPL uses diffusion to penetrate to your skin’s middle layer, leaving the surface unharmed. Stimulating the collagen layer adds new vitality while breaking up uneven pigmentation.

Laser resurfacing

The focused light of lasers serves as a fantastic way to decrease the appearance of fine surface lines and minimize the impact of other types of sun damage. Ablative laser resurfacing treatments are more aggressive, with dramatic improvements. Nonablative lasers require less downtime but still stimulate improved skin tone.

The right choice for you depends on a wide range of factors. Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa, by phone or online, to schedule your personal consultation at a convenient location today. 

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