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HydraFacial for Rosacea: What to Expect

Smooth and even skin tone is a hallmark of youth. As you get older, that evenness gets lost. Often, a condition called rosacea is responsible, especially if you’re a light-skinned woman, the group that suffers the most. 

HydraFacial MD™ has long been one of the most effective cleansing, extracting, and hydrating treatments available to renew the skin on your face. You may not know, however, that it’s also a therapeutic procedure that can reduce the appearance of rosacea on your skin. 

If you’re affected by this common skin issue, it’s time to contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa to schedule a HydraFacial treatment. Along with fresher, glowing skin, most rosacea patients see a reduction in redness and a smoother, more even skin tone. 

Signs of rosacea

It’s not known why some people develop rosacea and others don’t, though it’s suspected that both environmental and genetic factors contribute. Most patients experience episodes where rosacea flares up and then subsides. You may experience flare-ups that are set off by certain tiggers, including: 

You often experience facial redness that can include visible blood vessels, you may notice bumps that resemble acne, and your skin may feel tender and warm. In some cases, rosacea can also affect your eyes.

HydraFacial MD for rosacea

If you’ve had rosacea for a while, you may already know that there are few cosmetic treatments that are gentle enough on your sensitive skin. HydraFacial is one exception. In particular, it may be a good option if you have papulopustular rosacea.

The three-stage HydraFacial process starts with a mild peel that cleanses away old skin cells, including those that carry rosacea discoloration. The second stage introduces gentle suction to clear pores before an intense moisturization step. Finally, HydraFacial floods your skin with antioxidants and peptides to ensure new skin formation is well-nourished. 

HydraFacial strikes the ideal balance between aggressive exfoliation and gentle revitalization, a balance that rosacea sufferers will welcome. Along with smoother, more even coloration, you’ll see the other benefits that HydraFacial offers. 

Fine lines and wrinkles smooth out, as skin firmness and elasticity improves. Other pigmentation issues caused by sun exposure fade, too. Skin texture benefits as HydraFacial clears clogged, enlarged pores of excess oil and debris.

Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa to arrange your personal HydraFacial consultation to learn more about the benefits on tap for your rosacea. Choose the most convenient location, and call or click to book your appointment. You’ll love the look of your improved skin tone. Schedule a treatment today.

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