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I'm Embarrassed About the Dark Circles Under My Eyes

I'm Embarrassed About the Dark Circles Under My Eyes

Dark circles under your eyes aren’t a problem that affects your health, but the effects on your appearance can be embarrassing, projecting a look of tiredness to the world even when you’ve had a restful night of sleep. 

Dark circles can be a complex issue with multiple contributing factors. For an assessment of your condition as well as recommendations for treatment, schedule a visit to Radiance Wellness MediSpa. We have a range of solutions for dark circles, from simple aesthetic treatments to eyelid surgery. No matter how deep and dark your under-eye circles are, we have an answer. 

How dark circles form

It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, dark circles may be able to take hold. The skin of your eyelids is among the thinnest on your body, and therefore it’s more vulnerable to the effects of aging. Genetics play a role, too, because some anatomical features run in families. If you inherit deep eye sockets, your dark circle condition could appear exaggerated. 

The thin skin under your eyes may show the effects of sun damage more readily, leading to hyperpigmentation that darkens the skin below your eyes. Eczema and contact dermatitis in this area can further discolor your skin by dilating blood vessels. 

Aspects of your lifestyle can also contribute. Inconsistent sleep cycles and chronic dehydration add to the burden as does smoking and heavy use of alcohol. Uncontrolled allergies, eye rubbing, and thyroid conditions can also affect the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. 

Home remedies

Sometimes, home care strategies can help reduce your dark circles. Little changes can add up. Establishing consistent sleep patterns is perhaps the foundation of virtually every aesthetic routine and few places show the benefits of adequate rest like your eyes. 

Be sure that you’re consuming enough water throughout the day to maintain body hydration, another skin care basic that benefits your lower eyelids. 

Cold compresses or cucumber slices over your eyes can reduce puffiness in your eyelids, which limits the effects of shadows created by your eye profiles. Cold tea bags deliver antioxidants and caffeine directly to your eyelids, stimulating local circulation. Protecting your eyes from the sun plays an important role in reducing further damage. 

How we can help

When these home care steps aren’t enough, there’s still plenty our aesthetics team can do for you. Topical creams and ointments can lighten areas of dark skin. We recommend medical-grade SkinCeuticals® products for their quality and effective results. We also combine SkinCeuticals with our chemical peel and HydraFacial® treatments, both of which can benefit the skin around your eyes. 

We carry a large range of dermal filler products, specially formulated gels that provide support beneath your skin. In some cases, fillers can reshape problem areas that create shadow-causing contours. 

When dark circles are deep and heavy, Dr. Carrie Morris recommends lower lid blepharoplasty, the gold standard surgical technique for permanent improvement of your dark circle problem. 

Learn more about the best options for your eyes in consultation with our aesthetic experts at Radiance Wellness MediSpa. Book an appointment at our nearest location by phone or online today.

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