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Is BOTOX® Safe?

Is BOTOX® Safe?

In 2020, over 4 million BOTOX® Cosmetic injections were administered in the United States. And over 100 million vials of the wrinkle reducer have been sold since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval for aesthetic use in 2002.

The sheer numbers demonstrate its safety, though it’s important to understand what to expect from the treatment itself as well as the importance of an experienced practitioner to deliver successful injections. Choosing medical aesthetic specialists like the team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa is the way to go to ensure that your BOTOX experience is safe and delivers the results you want.

Overseen by plastic surgeon Dr. Carrie L. Morris, Radiance Wellness MediSpa is a true medical aesthetics provider. Dr. Morris specializes in oculofacial plastic surgery, carrying extensive knowledge of the anatomy surrounding the eyes, a critical factor in fully understanding the impact of BOTOX injections. 

How BOTOX works

The botulinum type A neurotoxin upon which BOTOX is based interferes with the nerve signals that control muscle movement. When found in nature, this neurotoxin is strong enough to disrupt virtually any muscle movement. 

Originally developed to stop involuntary muscle spasms affecting a patient’s eyesight, BOTOX is an incredibly diluted form of the toxin found in nature. Synthesized in a lab and purified for safety, BOTOX can still disrupt muscle movement, but only in a small area surrounding the point of injection. 

The goal of a BOTOX Cosmetic treatment is to relax facial expression muscles that create wrinkles and creases on your forehead and around your eyes. Over the years, these muscles take on a semi-contracted state, never fully relaxing. As your skin loses elasticity and volume as you get older, these semi-contracted muscles show through, making you look tense, tired, or older. 

Carefully targeted, BOTOX relaxes these muscles for months, and that relaxation transfers to your appearance. Your surface skin around these typical problem areas appears smoother. 

The importance of seeking a medical professional

While basic human anatomy is shared by everyone, there are endless personal variances. Though you have the same expression muscles as everyone else, yours may be in a slightly different position or orientation than another patient’s.

When BOTOX is injected into the intended expression muscles, you retain your normal range of expressions. In the hands of a provider without an advanced knowledge of anatomy, injections may affect surrounding muscles, producing unexpected and unpredictable results. 

Potential risks of BOTOX treatments

Side effects of any type are rare with properly administered injections. The most common side effect is skin irritation around the injection site, an effect that typically disappears within 24 hours.

Some people may have allergic reactions to ingredients in BOTOX Cosmetic, but these are rare. The diluted nature of BOTOX makes it unlikely that any serious or long-term effects will occur. 

Choosing Radiance Wellness MediSpa ensures the best of the BOTOX experience. Contact us by phone or online to book your consultation to find out more about what injectable aesthetics can do for you. 

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