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Is the Excess Skin on Your Eyelids Obstructing Your Vision?

Is the Excess Skin on Your Eyelids Obstructing Your Vision?

Drooping eyelids may be a genetic condition with which you were born, but most often it’s an issue later in life when aging skin starts to affect your eye area. Areas of thin skin show signs of aging first, and the eyelids have some of the thinnest skin on your body. Eyelids can also suffer from injury or deterioration of muscle, ligament, or nerve tissue. 

Called ptosis, drooping eyelids are often a cosmetic issue. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your eyelids, blepharoplasty surgery can tighten tissue and restore an alert, eyes-open condition that can make you look years younger. However, ptosis can also be a condition that interferes with your field of vision, making blepharoplasty a functional, reconstructive eyelid surgery to improve your eyesight. 

Carrie L. Morris, MD, FACS, and the team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa specialize in blepharoplasty, matching the best procedure to your needs whether your concerns are functional or cosmetic. In every case, you’ll emerge with unblocked sightlines and younger-looking eyes. 

What causes ptosis? 

Most ptosis happens simply through the effects of time. As you get older, skin all over your body loses support and elasticity due to the deterioration of the middle dermis layer. Thin skin in the eyelids suffers early because it has fewer dermis resources to start with. Tissue loss leads to sagging, droopy skin.  

How is my eyesight affected? 

While many vision problems originate in the eyes themselves, ptosis creates a physical barrier, blocking light from entering your eyes. Drooping skin over your eyelashes can press down, forcing skin in front of the pupil, reducing your vision. 

Sometimes, drooping is more pronounced on the outside edges of the eyes, with loose skin draping at an angle over the side of your eyes. This, too, can create a barrier across the pupil. In each case, the blockage occurs gradually, over sections of your peripheral vision, so you may not notice the condition in its early stages, other than for its cosmetic effects. 

There’s a simple check you can do at home if you suspect that drooping eyelids are now a functional issue. Take note of your surroundings visually and then use your fingers to raise the drooping skin around your eyes. If you notice an expanded range of vision, it’s time to see Dr. Morris for a complete evaluation. 

The blepharoplasty procedure

A functional blepharoplasty concentrates on clearing the visual blockages affecting your eyes. In most cases, this also addresses the cosmetic concerns that drooping eyelids may create. Keep in mind that blepharoplasty isn’t a single technique, but rather a range of procedures adapted to the needs of each patient. 

As a specialist in cosmetic eyelid surgery, Dr. Morris can also combine your functional blepharoplasty with other procedures to help meet your aesthetic goals. Consulting with Dr. Morris and discussing your expectations is the best way to start planning for successful surgery. 

Contact the nearest location of Radiance Wellness MediSpa by phone or online to arrange your personal blepharoplasty consultation today.

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