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Rejuvenate Your Vagina With FemTouch™

No one likes all the effects of passing time, and everyone has a different experience. For women approaching and into menopause, a wide range of symptoms may develop — alone or in combination, mild or severe. The vagina and urinary tract can be a focal point for problems with some women, including cosmetic and functional issues related to changing hormone levels.

While there are many treatments available for menopause symptoms, the professional team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa frequently recommends the FemTouch™ laser system for vaginal health. Using a series of quick treatments performed on an outpatient basis, FemTouch helps stimulate new tissue growth that can correct some of the vaginal problems arising from menopause.

How menopause affects you

It doesn’t matter how you enter menopause — whether it’s naturally, due to surgery, or because of cancer treatment. The genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) describes the effects a woman might experience. Also called vaginal atrophy, problems arise as your vaginal walls thin and dry out while becoming inflamed.

These changes cause problems with sexual function, making intercourse uncomfortable and even painful. Natural lubrication may not accompany arousal as in the past. Your labia may become droopy and loose. However, GSM also features problems with your urinary tract as a result of tissue changes in your pelvis.

It’s common to have urinary symptoms after menopause, too. These may include:

Due to embarrassment, many women live silently with GSM symptoms. However, there are plenty of treatment options available. When you have certain combinations of GSM symptoms, nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with FemTouch may be the solution for you.

Laser treatment for vaginal health

Lasers might not be the first treatment you think of for vaginal health issues. Yet one of the unique properties of cosmetic lasers is the stimulation of collagen tissue production without damaging the skin.

Collagen tissue beneath the vaginal wall surface absorbs the FemTouch laser light, causing the tissue to warm. It’s a gentle process that requires no anesthetic, but once it warms sufficiently, the body considers the tissue damaged.

Two processes start: The compromised tissue begins to flush naturally from your body, while at the same time, new tissue starts to grow, bringing moisture and revitalization to your vaginal walls.

Many women feel a positive difference after only one treatment. Depending on your condition, a series of two to four sessions typically provides the best results. Session scheduling is usually four to six weeks apart.

After your FemTouch session

You can return to your daily routine immediately after your FemTouch appointment, although you should abstain from intercourse for three days after undergoing treatment. Some women experience itching after the procedure, but you typically can get relief with a prescription hydrating gel. Otherwise, there are no major side effects. 

Renewed collagen has a widespread effect on GSM symptoms, and within three to six months, you should notice less discomfort during intercourse and fewer urinary problems, all without surgery or hormone treatments.

To find out more about FemTouch and how it can help rejuvenate your vagina, schedule a consultation with Carrie L. Morris, MD, and the team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa at any of our Dallas-Fort Worth locations. Contact us by phone or online.

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