Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: Lasers Can Treat Them All

Tired of looking at stretch marks, scars, and other red marks? Wish there was a way to get rid of them without expensive, high-risk surgery? Laser therapy is an effective treatment that carries few risks. At Radiance Wellness MedSpa, with three different locations in Texas, our staff is highly experienced in helping patients get the look they want.

How laser therapy works

Using infrared light, the laser is pointed directly at the stretch marks or other skin imperfections, softening their appearance and giving you younger-looking, blemish-free skin. The light damages the skin cells just enough to cause your body to replenish them with new cells. 

Up to 20 sessions are recommended over the course of several weeks, and you can expect to see an improvement of up to 60%. While the results are permanent, you may need to have a few follow-up appointments to guarantee results.

Why choose laser therapy?

Laser therapy improves the healing process for scars and stretch marks, enabling them to heal faster than if left on their own. Laser therapy also promotes collagen for skin regrowth, improves lymphatic drainage, and reduces inflammation and swelling in the area.

Preparing for laser therapy

Our staff will review your medical history in order to determine if you are an ideal candidate for laser therapy. If you decide to undergo this procedure, we recommend that you avoid tanning, spending lots of time in the sun, and waxing for at least two weeks before your scheduled treatments. We also recommend avoiding aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, as these can increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure.

What to expect during recovery time

It’s common for patients not to see big changes after the procedure for the first few weeks. The area will probably be pink or red for a few hours after you complete the treatment, and you may experience some stinging or tingling that is similar to a sunburn. 

We recommend placing an ice pack or cool cloth on the area. Some swelling is also common, but should fade after a few days. Avoid wearing makeup or scented lotion on the area until it’s completely healed. Ask our staff about medicinal lotions that you can use instead.

Learn more about laser therapy for spots, scars, and stretch marks

If you would like to learn more about laser therapy, we invite you to call us for a consultation at any of our three locations. For the Southlake location, call 972-922-3016. For Arlington and Granbury, call 817-326-3134. You can also schedule an appointment at any location online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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