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Understanding How Liposuction Works

Understanding How Liposuction Works

So many aspects of your appearance are now under your control. Medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery are powerful tools to help you choose the way you want to look. When you’ve made the effort to achieve or maintain an effective body weight, you may be frustrated with your contours.

Some stores of fat resist your diet and exercise efforts. It’s usually a result of your body’s metabolic programming, so it’s normal and natural, but it may leave you with bulges and rolls that you’d rather not keep. Radiance Wellness MediSpa offers Smartlipo® laser assisted liposuction for patients when their body sculpting goals are roadblocked by fat stores. 

Smartlipo by Cynosure® is a refinement of conventional liposuction, offering a number of advantages that make it ideal for minor spot touch-ups. It’s perfect for those lingering fat deposits that stand in the way of the body contours for which you’ve strived. 

But what is liposuction, and how is Smartlipo an improvement? Dr. Carrie L. Morris and her team provide this primer to help your understanding of the process. 

About liposuction

Perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding liposuction is its purpose. Yes, it does remove fat from your body, but it’s not a primary tool for weight loss. Liposuction targets specific areas where the proportions of fat deposits are out of balance with the rest of your body. 

It’s a shaping tool, and for best results, a patient should be at or near a stable and optimum body weight. Yes, you’ll lose the weight of the treated fat, but it’s not a significant amount. 

The primary tool of liposuction is the cannula. It’s a hollow tube with applied suction. Entering the treatment area through a small incision, the cannula breaks up fat tissue as the surgeon manipulates the tool and the vacuum removes loosened tissue through the cannula. More than one area can be treated in a single procedure. 

The Smartlipo advantage

Body fat cells are temperature sensitive, so Smartlipo uses laser light energy to warm fat tissue to a level slightly above normal body temperatures, causing treated cells to liquify. This means the Smartlipo cannula is smaller than for conventional liposuction. Treated cells are destroyed, and those that aren’t removed with suction leave the body naturally.

Smartlipo requires a smaller incision, making the entire process less invasive. That means less pain and faster recovery for you. Instead of a week or more out of action, Smartlipo lets you return to normal activities in a few days.

The heating action of Smartlipo’s laser offers a feature that conventional liposuction can’t match. Heat stimulates collagen growth in your skin’s middle layer. With the added volume of new collagen, you may see a reduction in visible cellulite, a condition caused by connective tissue holding skin in place. More collagen means fewer cellulite dimples. 

Smartlipo is ideal for reshaping common fat store problem areas on your abdomen, flanks, arms, and thighs. Find out more about the body contouring advantages available to you in consultation with the medical aesthetics experts at Radiance Wellness MediSpa in Southlake and Granbury, Texas. Contact the nearest location today by phone or online.

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