What Can I Do About These Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

You know the look: You’re feeling a little tired, and a glance in the mirror confirms it. Dark circles under your eyes broadcast to the world that you’re burning the candle at both ends. The day comes, though, when the circles show up even when you feel fine. Are you simply getting older, and are there things you can do to help refresh your appearance?

Those dark circles could be shadows caused by the effects of aging when fat collects in your lower eyelids while other skin on your face loses volume. It might be due to allergies, skin pigment changes, sun exposure, or one of many other conditions.

We’re sharing some home remedies here today, but when those dark circles resist your efforts, contact the professionals at Radiance Wellness MediSpa. Dr. Carrie Morris and our team can help, whether your issue is simply cosmetic or there’s an underlying health issue contributing to dark under-eye circles.

Common causes for dark circles

There’s probably not a major health issue behind your dark circles. The most common temporary cause is fatigue, whether it arrives because of a late-night or restless sleep, or due to cold, flu, allergies, or other illnesses that sap your energy. Other causes include:

Whatever the cause, there are a number of effective solutions to help minimize those dark circles.

At-home eye care

Improve your sleep routine

If you suspect sleep deficits contribute to your dark eyes, start there. Seven to eight hours a night is typically necessary for most adults. Establishing a regular and consistent sleep routine often helps with reliable, restful sleep. Elevating your head when you sleep can also reduce fluid buildup that contributes to eye puffiness.

Apply cold compresses

Cool temperatures shrink blood vessels and reduce swelling, so relaxing with a cool washcloth over your eyes for 20 minutes helps to counteract these reasons for dark eyes. You can add a boost of antioxidants and caffeine by cooling steeped tea bags and using these as your compresses. Use green or black tea bags, and rinse your eyes with cool water immediately after using.

Medispa solutions

Light chemical peels

Chemical exfoliation can help tame pigmentation problems by removing older, discolored skin. As new tissue replaces the old, you often see lighter, firmer skin.

Light and laser therapy

Used carefully around the eyes, light-based treatments produce results similar to chemical peels.

Dermal fillers

Fillers improve volume and help address the appearance of aging and hyperpigmentation.

Lower lid blepharoplasty

Shadows resulting from fat deposits in the lower eyelid disappear when removed surgically. Dr. Morris specializes in lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

The team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa can help you find the right solution for the dark circles under your eyes. Contact the most convenient office by phone or by using our convenient online booking tool.

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