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What Causes Cellulite?

What Causes Cellulite?

It may have been on a trip to the beach when you first noticed the bumps and pits associated with cellulite. It’s all too common, affecting up to 90% of women and 10% of men, and your body type makes little difference. Increasing your gym schedule isn’t likely to help much, either.

While your skin does start to undergo age-related change in your mid-20s, cellulite isn’t really a skin condition. Increasing skin laxity plays a role, but the characteristic appearance of cellulite develops due to fibrous connective tissue holding skin and muscle together, with a layer of normal body fat in between.

Radiance Wellness MediSpa offers cellulite treatment to their patients using the NuEra® Tight radiofrequency system to spot-reduce fat deposits, improving the appearance of the bumps and pits that define cellulite. 

Why cellulite forms

The medical world doesn’t know much about why cellulite forms in some people and not in others, or why it appears in varying intensity. It’s not a symptom of weight gain, though adding pounds can make cellulite more pronounced. However, losing weight may make little difference in the battle against the problem. 

Genetics are likely the biggest contributor to cellulite, but pregnancies or living a sedentary life also tend to increase your risk. As you get older and your skin loses elasticity, cellulite can often become more pronounced. 

The good news is that cellulite is only a cosmetic concern. There are no health risks associated with the condition, nor does it predict future health issues. It can simply be, well, unsightly if its irregular dimples bother you. Your big question may be: Can cellulite be treated? 

Three aspects, one solution

Cellulite has three contributing aspects that must be addressed to reduce its appearance. The collagen connective tissue between skin and muscle creates the low points, like the buttons on an upholstered chair. Excess body fat pushes up on the spaces between these “buttons,” while your skin is the fabric that’s showing signs of wear. The ideal treatment addresses all of these contributors. 

NuEra Tight with depth-controlled FocalRF® Technology provides benefits for each of these cellulite aspects. Radiofrequency energy absorbs into your body’s tissues, gently warming and stimulating as it does.

Connective tissue benefits from this warming action as it stimulates new tissue growth and improves blood flow at the deepest levels of your skin. Similarly, your skin’s surface benefits from increased nutrition associated with blood flow, and it regains some elasticity, bringing with it more youthful conditions. 

Subdermal fat has precisely the opposite reaction to the warming action of NuEra Tight. Fat cells coagulate as they get warmer, damaging their integrity and prompting the body to flush those cells away. Once a fat cell is gone, it’s gone. 

The end result is that the ripples, pits, and craters of cellulite smooth out and become less noticeable. Some people notice improvement with only one treatment. Because cellulite structure can be different from person to person, your results may vary when compared with other patients. 

NuEra Tight is a highly personalized treatment platform that requires no recovery downtime while providing long-lasting improvements that look completely natural. Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa at their most convenient location, by phone or online, to start the cellulite banishment process.

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