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What Causes Vaginal Dryness and Thinning?

What Causes Vaginal Dryness and Thinning?

While the process is unique for everyone, aging is inevitable. Radiance Wellness MediSpa recognizes this fact of nature by offering a wide range of services to help you deal with the changes that time has in store for you. 

One common process that affects everyone is the loss of collagen tissue. It’s the most abundant protein in your body. 

While many people associate collagen with their skin and facial procedures, it serves as an important support role throughout the body, forming many types of connective tissue. Fading collagen production reveals signs of aging in your face, but it’s also a problem in other parts of your body. 

Causes of vaginal dryness and thinning

When a woman reaches the end of the reproductive years of her life, estrogen declines rapidly because the ovaries no longer produce this important hormone. Loss of estrogen is the primary cause behind many symptoms of menopause. 

One of the conditions caused by estrogen loss is the associated loss of collagen supporting the tissue lining the vagina and surrounding genital area. Like the skin on your face, vaginal tissue becomes drier and thinner. Your vulva may lose tone and hydration, too. 

These changes can cause a slew of symptoms, including: 


When you suffer from both vaginal and urinary symptoms, you’re suffering from the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). You may also experience these symptoms earlier in life, such as when you’re breastfeeding or while taking medications that affect your estrogen levels, including birth control pills. 

Your symptoms may start in the years leading up to menopause, called perimenopause, where you’re still potentially fertile and having periods. Ovarian function can be stopped by chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer, as can any surgery that removes the ovaries. 

There are a few causes for vaginal dryness that aren’t connected to hormone levels. An autoimmune condition called Sjögren’s syndrome causes dryness, and medications including antidepressants, allergy drugs, and common cold formulations can create this effect as well. 

Treating vaginal dryness

When your symptoms are mild, adding a vaginal moisturizer or sexual lubricant may be all you need to cope. It’s time to visit Radiance Wellness MediSpa when these measures aren’t enough to provide relief. 

Hormone therapy in the form of topical estrogen products is the next level. These include creams, tablets, rings, and suppositories that deliver the hormone directly to the treatment area. There are more advanced options as well, including targeted lifestyle approaches and laser-assisted solutions such as FemTouch™

Because your experience is personal, the best way to approach vaginal dryness and thinning is through a one-on-one consultation with our team. Contact the nearest location of Radiance Wellness MediSpa — in Granbury or Southlake, Texas, — to schedule your visit today.

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