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What Happens During a Neck Lift?

What Happens During a Neck Lift?

Your neck may sometimes be the first place where signs of aging start to stand out. Traditionally, the neck lift procedure rejuvenates your neck and lower face. Removing skin and fat around the jaw restores definition and contour. 

It’s no surprise that with contemporary techniques and technology, you have options for neck rejuvenation aside from traditional surgical procedures. Liposuction targets excess fat, a common issue in the submental area under the chin. The field of cosmetic lasers continues to grow, too. 

At Radiance Wellness MediSpa, we perform both conventional neck lift surgery as well as Smartlipo® from CynoSure® for our patients looking for a powerful, minimally invasive alternative. 

Neck challenges

Unlike other parts of your body, your neck isn’t an easy place to tone. There’s no way to work out neck muscles like you can your arms and legs, and as your skin begins to age, gravity seems to take a bigger toll below the chin than in other places on your body. 

The end result is sometimes a disparity of appearance. For some, this effect produces a neck appearance that looks older and out of place. 

Neck lift surgery

The result of aging in the neck and submental areas is excess skin, stubborn fat deposits, lack of definition in the jawline, and a general loss of balance between your facial features and the transition to your collarbone and shoulders. 

While our surgeon, Dr. Carrie Morris, customizes every neck lift procedure to meet each patient’s specific needs, the procedure in general uses carefully placed incisions for removal of excess skin. If it’s necessary, she can pare back fat pockets as well. 

Between tighter skin and reduced fat, definition returns to your jawline. Tighter, smoother skin over the larynx relieves signs of aging on your neck. 

Laser-assisted lipolysis

Genetics often move at their own pace, so some people see aging in the neck sooner than others. You may have some signs of neck deterioration before you’re ready to undergo surgery. 

This is where Smartlipo laser liposuction comes in. Smartlipo harnesses the power of laser light and combines it with finely targeted liposuction, providing a less invasive alternative to surgery. 

Lasers deliver light energy in tight bands of single frequencies. When tissue absorbs laser light, it warms up. For the neck lift patient, this warming creates two valuable effects. 

Fat tissue isn’t very tolerant to heat. As it absorbs light energy, it reaches a temperature called the coagulation point and begins to break down. 

At the same time, collagen tissue in the middle support layer of your skin coagulates. As your body starts to flush coagulated collagen and fat tissue, a signal goes out, triggering a healing response that starts new collagen tissue manufacture, which firms up the tissues in that area. 

While collagen regenerates, fat cells do not. Those hard-to-lose rolls forming your double chin fade permanently. Some vanish through the suction-based lipo part of your treatment, while any remaining cells that reached that magic melting point disappear in the weeks after your treatment. 

You can improve the appearance of your neck

Surgery or Smartlipo for your neck lift? Talk to the specialists at Radiance Wellness MediSpa in Granbury or Southlake, Texas, to learn more about each option. You can make an appointment at the nearest location by calling directly or through our online booking link. Schedule your consultation today.

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