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What's the Best Age to Have a Face-lift?

“Only people of a certain age should get a face-lift.” You hear this a lot, especially from younger folk, whose golden days of youth stretch far ahead of them. As you get toward that “certain age,” however, you may start to notice a little sagging here and there. Maybe the chin lines are a bit more full than they used to be, or what you thought were laugh lines are, well, just lines.

What is that “certain age,” though, and can it differ from person to person? Are you better off taking preventive action, or is there an age where you say, “OK, it’s time for a facelift.”? At Radiance MediSpa we get a lot of clients asking these and similar questions.

Let’s take a look at the questions posed in a bit more detail and see if our answers suit you.

What exactly is a face-lift?

In simple terms, it’s a type of surgery where a surgeon lifts the skin on the face and neck of a patient. Very carefully, the surgeon will then replace it on the face, tightening it and removing the telltale folds that develop during aging. The surgeon may also remove excess fat below the skin and restore a more natural look to the face.

Facelift surgery does not alter the look of your face. You will still be the same Mary Jones or John Smith, and people will even recognize you when they see you on the street. If they think you look younger, then so much the better.  A face-lift will always involve surgery and recovery time, so be prepared to rest and recuperate fully before you see the full results.

At Radiance MediSpa, we often recommend additional procedures such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift in conjunction with your face-lift. Doing all of your face will leave you with a more natural look and feel to your features.

The aging process and face-lifts

Yes, age is a factor in choosing when to have a face-lift. As we age, time takes a toll. Exposure to rough weather, conditions at work, the stress of modern living and unhealthy lifestyle habits can show on your face as you age. Often the effects can show earlier in some people, and we know of patients in their early 30s who need attention to problem areas.

Some patients come to us with problems around their eyelids or droopy brows, which may have been there since before age was a factor. Physical damage from an automobile accident or some other childhood trauma are other deciding factors in people wanting surgery on their faces. At Radiance MediSpa, we discuss in detail with all patients what their options are and how we can address their worries.

People in their 40s and early 50s often do very well out of face-lift surgery. This may be because their younger skin is more receptive to the operation. It can also be that recovery works better in younger patients.

Positive attitudes lead to positive outcomes

We see, too, that sometimes people just feel the time is right for a face-lift. They think they need a boost, maybe after a bad divorce or other life-altering event. This feeling can occur at any age, and a positive approach to the procedure quite often leads to positive results.

If you’re feeling down about the effects of age on your face, then discuss it with your partner or family. Tell them how you feel and how a face-lift can make all the difference. Having the support of friends, family and loved ones can only help the positive attitude and the surgery outcome.

The perfect age for face-lift surgery

At Radiance MediSpa, we don’t believe there is a perfect age. We do believe in discussing the options with you and finding out what may suit you the best. Call our offices in Southlake, Cleburne, and Granbury, Texas, to schedule an appointment.

Taking that first step is often the most challenging part with cosmetic surgery. Call us today and let’s start talking.

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