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When to Consider a Neck Lift

With the aesthetic focus on the face, it’s possible to keep a youthful glow years later than previous generations could. There are more options than ever for countering facial lines, wrinkles, and other flaws that lead to loose skin and older appearance.

However, the neck isn’t served as well. Time, genetics, and gravity can cause a mismatch between your face and neck. For some, this can reveal more than they’d like. Neck lift surgery might be the answer, because there are few nonsurgical procedures that can rejuvenate this area. 

Dr. Carrie L. Morris at Radiance Wellness MediSpa is a neck lift specialist, and she can bring unity to your appearance, creating an age-defying package that has you looking your best. Is a neck lift right for you? Here’s what you need to know to make your decision. 

When to consider a neck lift

You can undergo a neck lift before, after, or at the same time as facelift surgery. Typically, though, the advances in facial care tend to push back the need for facelift, so it’s not unusual for a neck procedure to come first. 

The ideal candidate is in good health with reasonable skin condition. You may bothered by one or more of these common neck issues: 

Results typically last about 5-15 years depending on your skincare regimen, sun exposure, genetics, and other health conditions. 

A custom procedure

A neck lift isn’t a singular procedure. If your only issue is fullness due to fat storage, your surgery focuses on fat removal, called submental lipectomy. When excess skin is the problem, you’re a candidate for cervicoplasty, and changes to neck muscles require platysmaplasty.

The first stage in any neck lift procedure is a consultation with your surgeon. Dr. Morris meets with you to discuss your goals and expectations to ensure that these are reasonable and within the scope of the necessary approaches. She can recommend options for additional procedures that may help you meet your aesthetic goals. 

Recovering from neck lift

Full recovery from a neck lift may take as long as six months for the incision scars to fade fully. You’re ready to resume normal activities in about 10-14 days after your procedure, though you may still want to cover bruising with clothing or cosmetics. Bruising and swelling can take several weeks to fully subside.

Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa at the location convenient to you, by phone or online, to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Morris. It’s up to you to choose when to reveal your age. Don’t let your neck do it for you. Book your appointment now.  

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