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Why So Many Men Love Kybella

Double goodbye to your double chin.

The double-chin sneaks up on many people. If it’s not there because of some long-ago added weight, it may be due to the genetic contributions of your ancestors. For years, the only answer was liposuction, and cosmetic surgery had favor with women much more so than with men.


Now, though, there’s a new, minimally invasive treatment for under-chin fat that uses injections rather than liposuction cannulas. Kybella® literally melts away submental fat without the risks of a surgical procedure.

Surprising gender appeal

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Kybella’s obvious popularity is that men make up about 40% of the patients requesting the procedure. For other cosmetic dermatology treatments, men more typically represent one in 10 patients.


So why is Kybella such a hit with the guys? It likely comes down to two factors. The first is that men have been quietly jumping on board the no-downtime aesthetic revolution. Procedures that have quick sessions without the need for recovery better fit the schedules and lifestyles of men, who are less used to scheduling spa time into their lives.


Next is the natural way results develop. Liposuction produces virtually instant results, save the healing of the surgical incisions. Kybella instead works slowly and subtly, and the fat that it breaks down flushes from your body through your lymphatic and circulatory systems over a period of weeks. Depending on how much fat you have stored under your chin, several Kybella sessions may be necessary to achieve the results you’re after.

And those results!

Yes, there’s a third reason why men love Kybella. The Hollywood image of the successful man often includes a chiseled jaw. Firm, squared features equate with masculinity, and submental fat can soften those lines. For both women and men, the double-chin often gives a prematurely aged appearance, and for men, there’s also a question of comfort.


Men who work in white collar environments have neckties to deal with, and extra submental fat can throw normal proportions off. Shirts don’t fit well around the soft, fleshy contours of a double-chin, and wearing a tie is a constant struggle. After Kybella treatments, there’s less laxity. Shirt collars fit naturally, and there’s no all-day battle with a finger behind the Windsor knot.

Deoxycholic acid

The secret behind Kybella is a synthetic version of a component of bile that’s part of the fat digestion process, the perfect candidate for disrupting fat cells. Deoxycholic acid breaks down the cell membranes, converting the fat cell to waste that your body then flushes away. After the cell breakdown, the removal process is all-natural, taking several weeks to accomplish.


The deoxycholic acid formula for Kybella received unanimous Food and Drug Administration approval in 2015 for use under the chin. Better still, Kybella is a permanent treatment. Once those fat cells are gone, they stay gone.


As with any medical aesthetic treatment, you get the best results when treated by a Kybella specialist. Dr. Carrie Morris and the team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa recommend Kybella for their patients seeking a double-chin solution.

You can book your Kybella consultation at any of our three offices by using the online tool on this page, or you can call the most convenient office directly. You’re just weeks away from the chin profile you’ve always wanted. Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa today.

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