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Why You Need a Highly Trained Physician to Perform Your Facial Procedure

Why You Need a Highly Trained Physician to Perform Your Facial Procedure

Your options for presenting your best face to the world have never been greater or more effective. Since 2002, when Botox® hit the scene, the demand for injectable treatments has exploded. Both botulinum toxin type A injections and dermal fillers are easy to add to other treatments like chemical peels, laser resurfacing, microneedling, and more. 

The flipside of this bounty of procedures is one of knowledge and safety. Because you can combine so many treatments, there’s a need for oversight — to ensure compatibility while providing medical guidance. 

When you visit Radiance Wellness MediSpa, you’re guaranteed the finest in spa care with the security of knowing that it’s medically supervised by Dr. Carrie L. Morris, a nationally recognized, dual-certified physician and plastic surgeon. You’re assured of top-level care by one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s leading spas.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a physician-run aesthetic practice. 

Knowledge and experience

Six weeks of training may bring spa personnel up to a level of competence with cosmetic products and procedures, but the background training in anatomy isn’t there. It’s not always an issue, but it is when you’re talking about Botox injections.

You likely remember the horror stories from the early days, when Botox treatments were overdone, resulting in temporarily frozen faces. For an effective, natural look from your treatment, there are usually only seven expression muscles targeted. 

These muscles have variations between patients. You want your aesthetic specialist to have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy. That’s one reason why seeking out a physician is important. 

Complications and side effects

It’s rare that a contemporary cosmetic procedure causes side effects or develops complications. However, every patient is different, and undiscovered allergies can cause a reaction. A spa supervised by a physician can deal quickly and knowledgeably with any treatment irregularities that arise. 

Should you develop a complication from your treatment, you have better potential for follow-up with a physician-run spa. They know the conditions in which you received treatment, what product was involved, and what follow-up you need. 

State regulations

The State of Texas is liberal with its regulations about who can administer nonsurgical medical cosmetic procedures, but it does have some regulatory guidelines under Title 22 of the Texas Administrative Code that outline the standard of care. 

There are 13 clauses under section (d) Physician Requirements. It’s extensive, and the important question you need to ask yourself is if you believe that the spa you choose follows all of these regulations. 

There’s no question when you choose Radiance Wellness MediSpa. Dr. Morris is motivated by superior patient care, so compliance is simply part of her best practices. You’re under the care of one of the top doctors in the state, as recognized by her peers.

Trust your facial aesthetics to a practice that places you first. Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa by phone or online, at the office that’s most convenient for you. Book your consultation now. 

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