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About Your Consultation


Prior to visiting Dr. Morris, you will be greeted by our staff who will call you to welcome you to our office. The staff will go over the office directions, verify registration and insurance information with you, and make sure you have brought what you may need for the visit.

At your initial consultation, you will meet Dr.Morris, where at that time, she will obtain a complete history taking and oculoplastic examination. Dr.Morris will thoroughly review your medical history, physical exam findings and reports, and assess your photographs to provide the most optimal care. She will then discuss all your options with you, and together you will come up with a customized surgical plan.

Dr. Morris offers the latest surgical techniques and procedures to provide you the highest level of care and best optimal recovery from surgery as possible. She is one of a handful of surgeons that has received such specialty training in oculoplastic surgery. We look forward to meeting you and providing you the care that you deserve.

For further information about the consultation process please give us a call today.

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