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Brow Lift


A brow lift can help treat saggy eyebrows. Brow ptosis is often an age-related finding where the eyebrows descend from the temple and eyebrow location due to aging modifications. Dr. Morris has actually gotten considerable training the eyelid and eyebrow locations in order to offer you the most effective outcome in eyelid and also brow renewal surgery brow lifting is usually done at the very same setting of an aesthetic eyelid surgery. Some individuals might want only a small little lift (1-2 mm) while others may require a bigger lift. In either instance, Dr. Morris ensures an all-natural outcome where the brows do not show up exaggerated or unnatural.

There are a number of kinds of brow lifting treatments that Dr. Morris executes, and also each one specifies to the individual’s preferred outcomes, assessment searching for, age, as well as gender.

Various Brow Lifts

Eyebrow shape differs in between men and also women; males have reasonably minimally arching eyebrows that sit right over the bone of their orbit. Females have the tendency to have a much more remarkable arch to their brows (especially laterally) and they tend to relax over the bone of their orbit. With age, the shape and placement of the brows changes. For these differences, Dr. Morris considers the eyebrows as well as their treatment very differently among males as well as ladies. Not all clients gain from eyebrow ptosis repair also if their brows might suggest some minimal droop to them in location. Over-correcting an eyebrow can often cause an “exaggerated” surgical appearance and also the surgeon has to function carefully with the person to enlighten them concerning the expectations as well as results from a brow lift.

The adhering to will describe the numerous sorts of brow lifting procedures that Dr. Morris can offer to you relying on your assessment findings as well as what you and also Dr. Morris feel is finest suitable for you and also your desires:

1) Endoscopic Eyebrow Raise:

This treatment is likewise described as an Endoscopic Temple Lift. This procedure uses tiny cuts in your scalp to aid re-suspend the brows as well as temple to a greater placement. By very carefully using an endoscope to visualize the surgical treatment via the little cuts made in the scalp, Dr. Morris elevates the brow to a greater placement, anywhere from 3-5mm in lift. The lateral scalp cuts assist to elevate the lateral brow as well as the temple itself rises as well as fixated by either stitches or dissolvable implants. Dr. Morris favors using the Endotine tool which offers exceptional elevation and also security of the eyebrow location. These are small implants that help focus the forehead. They liquefy in several months as well as are often quite well tolerated. These implants are positioned flush to the scalp in the hair bearing scalp area. This treatment is well suitable for ladies and also males that prefer a rejuvenated appearance to their eyebrows and temple. An endoscopic eyebrow or temple lift can be finished with or without a typical eyelid blepharoplasty.

2) Temporal/ Lateral Eyebrow Lift:

Some people do not desire to have their whole temple as well as brows raised yet rather wish to have the lateral section of their brow lifted. This procedure elevates the side section of the brow to enable a more normally showing up eyebrow curve in those that have a squashed brow contour with age. This procedure incorporates the very same lateral-based lacerations utilized in an endoscopic eyebrow lift but Dr. Morris does not raise and fixate the temple as she would certainly do in a standard endoscopic temple or eyebrow lift. A side eyebrow lift can be done with or without a conventional eyelid blepharoplasty.

3) Eyebrow Pexy:

In situations where the individual and also Dr. Morris wish a marginal re-suspension to the eyebrows (1-2mm), a brow pexy procedure is usually appropriate. A brow pexy treatment is carried out at the very same time as a blepharoplasty; as a matter of fact, the same cut is made use of to execute the brow pexy. Dr. Morris meticulously positions a series of interior stitches that gives for the eyebrow to be repositioned to a higher position. Although the lift is not as profound as seen in situations of endoscopic eyebrow lifts or side brow lifts, this treatment can offer terrific advantage to many patients. You and Dr. Morris could discuss this method as an alternative to an endoscopic brow lift or side eyebrow lift.

4) Direct Brow Lifts:

In these cases an incision is made over the eyebrows as well as skin is straight excised as well as then the laceration is closed with sutures in order to give for a direct lift. Dr. Morris repairs the excised forehead/brow skin in a manner that the eyebrow is appropriately raised and the cut heals extremely well. Dr. Morris often carries out direct brow raises in those individuals with intense eyebrow ptosis (i.e. face nerve or bell’s palsy) or males with quite hefty brows that would not have quite an advantage from the treatments discussed above.

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