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Midface Lift


A mid face lift should be give consideration, when evaluating rejuvenation near the lower eyelid area, since these areas work together in creating a beautiful facial contour. She helps patients seeking cosmetic care or procedures of reconstructive surgery involving the mid-facial area. The midface is clearly defined as the area of that is between the upper lip and lower eyelid. When the midface droops, as often happens with aging, trauma, and facial paralysis, as well as post-surgery, Dr. Morris can address the issue. She takes the needed corrective measures to re-suspend the midface area and give it back the youthful appearance it once had.

Dr. Morris works closely with patients and discusses all options. Eyelid and midface reconstructive surgery takes experience, skill and education to perform correctly. Dr. Morris has helped patients by performing surgical procedures as well as non-invasive methods to correct midface droopiness.

What types of Midface Lifting are Available?


A surgical midface lift is done alongside a lower eyelid lift or surgery. Dr. Morris will perform the procedure by making incisions along the eyelid to access components of the midface. She will then safely and effectively suspend them to a more natural and youthful position. Patient downtime is rarely longer than that of a typical lower eyelid surgery. There may be pain and swelling in the midface area for several weeks following the operation.


Increasing the volume of the midface area will oftentimes correct the situation in patients that don’t require a surgical operation. Products that can be used are fillers, which are typically used by Dr. Morris when the midface descent is mild and less severe. The main advantage of the non-surgery type procedures is the level of safety and shortened down time. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Morris to discuss your best options of midface reconstruction.

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