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Eye Trauma


Various types of injury can occur to the eye and eyelid. Sharp objects and even blunt ones can cause tremendous damage. The eye’s soft tissue and fragile anatomy make it hard to repair. Dr. Morris has an extensive background and training in repairing all types of eye injuries. The first and one of the most important steps is proper evaluation of the eyeball and all surrounding structures. The orbital bones, the tear duct and any specific spot of trauma must each be carefully examined.

Dr. Morris will perform eyelid surgery when needed. For patients that require revisional eyelid surgery due to past surgeries, Dr. Morris can perform these as well. Common cases are those in which the lid margin has not healed correctly and the patient suffers from irritation, red eyes, excessive tearing and extreme discomfort. Dr. Morris’s training in complex eye surgery and eyelid reconstruction gives her the ability to help many patients. Whether you’re suffering from trauma or a previous eye surgery, Dr. Morris can help you alleviate the pain and symptoms.

Each case will vary depending on the type of trauma and severity. Dr. Morris may choose to apply repairs in her office or even in an emergency room. In complex cases where deeper structures have been affected, the patient may need to be taken to an operating room where access to anesthesia is available.

Types of Trauma and their Treatment:

Brow Laceration – An easy repair of the laceration.

Eyelid Laceration Including the Lid Margin – Repair the lid to the full thickness.

Eyelid Partial Laceration – Repair the lower lid.

Lower Eyelid and Tear Duct System Laceration – Repair the lower lid and entire tear duct laceration.

Dog Bite Laceration – Repair eye, eyelid and tear duct.

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