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Droopy Eyelids


Ptosis is the clinical term for a droopy eyelid due to a weak eyelid muscle. This condition can occur in one or both eyelids. This is one of one of the most usual surgeries she performs. Dr. Morris is well-regarded as an expert in ptosis surgical treatment, having performed countless surgeries and published several research papers on various approaches to this problem. She also has helped to instruct the current ptosis strategies to young medical professionals. Dr. Morris is your go-to physician for ptosis surgery – she has carried out hundreds of ptosis surgical treatments, typically in combination with aesthetic top and lower eyelid surgical procedure.

Causes of Ptosis:

Ptosis can occur in grownups and in youngsters. Adults typically get ptosis as a result of growing old as well as stretching of the eyelid muscles, prior eye surgical procedures, trauma, and even long term call contact lens use. Youngsters with ptosis are usually born with a weak eyelid muscle.  This is a serious condition in children, since it can permanently affect their vision if not corrected early in life.

There are several different means to repair a saggy eyelid. The surgery depends on the type of ptosis and Dr. Morris’s recommendations after a complete oculoplastic examination. Dr. Morris will assess you during your assessment and also identify just what the most effective type of treatment will certainly be for you. She considers lots of elements such as: your eyelid appearance, exactly how droopy your cover is, the quantity of additional skin you have curtaining over your droopy lid, the toughness of your eyelid, response to in office testing, as well as whether you have dry eyes or not. Prior pictures are also really useful to identify just what position your lids were prior to them being saggy.

Fixing Ptosis:

Dr. Morris has several different ways to correct ptosis, depending on the type of ptosis and the patient patient’s response to other in-office testing and features. Dr. Morris uses rapid healing techniques to enable her clients to return to their work and also their daily activities generally within a week after surgical procedure.

Ptosis surgical treatment can frequently be integrated with a few other eyelid surgical procedures such as aesthetic upper and lower lid eyelid surgical procedures.

Where is the cut made in the upper lid for ptosis repair?

Dr. Morris will determine if you will need excess skin to be taken off from your upper eyelids in addition to having the muscles tightened. If you just require your lids to be lifted and not require any sort of skin to be taken off, then Dr. Morris carries out a minimally intrusive strategy. The strategy is used to tighten the muscle mass from inside the top eyelid to make sure that no direct lacerations are made on your eyelid. If you do require some excess skin to be eliminated at the same time, Dr. Morris will certainly determine your needs, as well as make a hairline cut over the skin fold. The hairline incision heals well within the precise cuts. Dr. Morris pays cautious attention to the tissue closure, closing it with excellently placed sutures.

Why Patients Pick Dr. Morris

Dr. Morris is among a handful of specialists qualified to perform these procedures. Her practice is solely customized to cosmetic as well as reconstructive oculoplastic surgery.

Dr. Morris will assess ptosis through various evaluation workings with as well as measurements. Dr. Morris will examine not merely the eyelids, but additionally the eyebrow placement, upper eyelid location, lower eyelid position, the eyes themselves, and the mid face (cheekbone location). All these elements are crucial in optimizing the surgical result. The feature of the upper lid muscle mass (the levator muscle complex) is important when it pertains to choosing the kind of ptosis surgery to carry out.

Youngsters that are born with ptosis, for instance, normally have an improperly developed  levator muscular tissue, and also require a more difficult type of surgical treatment than adults which have acquired ptosis with their grown-up years. Grownups with ptosis normally get it from age related changes to the eyelids, yet Dr. Morris will have to execute an in-depth exam to eliminate other specific causes.

A few other important points to think about include a history of completely dry eyes as well as prior eyelid surgery, both which have to be checked out thoroughly in those particular people. Dry eyes symptoms can certainly aggravate after ptosis surgical procedure or any kind of eyelid surgical procedure and also Dr. Morris very carefully monitors for this before and also after surgical treatment.

Patients with previous eyelid surgical treatment are likewise in jeopardy for dry eyes and difficulty closing their eyelids after surgical procedure. Dr. Morris is very mindful as well and will certainly keep track of the eyelids before as well as throughout surgical procedure meticulously.

In cases of reduced set eyebrows that are aggravating the ptosis, patients may want to combine a brow lift along with upper eyelid ptosis repair service. There are numerous kinds of brow lifting treatments that Dr. Morris carries out, depending on the individual’s wanted results, examination , age, as well as gender. They all give exceptional results when done on the suitably chosen clients.

The cuts for the eyebrow lift can either include the already existing blepharoplasty incisions (such as eyebrow pexy) or well-hidden tiny in cuts in the hair-baring scalp locations (such as in temporal eyebrow lift or endoscopic brow lift surgeries). The benefit of integrating a brow lift with blepharoplasty is that the brows are rearranged to a much more natural and also youthful position. By doing this, much less skin is required to be gotten rid of in the upper eyelids.

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