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Tear Duct Surgery


Dr. Morris is one of the most highly respected eye surgeons her specific fields of interest. Her specialties range in all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery related to the eyes, eyelid and orbital socket. Her skills also extend into corrective surgeries and other related procedures and care.

Dr. Carrie Morris has extensive experience with patients, and also is an accredited publicist and instructor/trainer in the field of cosmetic eye surgery. She has worked diligently to perfect her skills as a surgeon to ensure her patients get the best treatment possible when spending time under her care. Along with the standard procedures such as a brow lift, Dr. Morris also performs more specialized procedures like those related to the Tear Duct and other sensitive parts of the eye.

Below are Two of the Most Common Procedures Related to the Tear Duct:

  • Punctal and Canalicular Stenosis or Obstruction – The narrowing or obstruction of the entrance to the tear duct system (puncta).
  • Lacrimal System Surgery (DCR Surgery) – The corrective procedure used to fix any issues on the Punctal or those related to the Lacrimal sac.

Both of these procedures and surgeries are highly specialized and require a unique skillset and advanced training to perform. Dr. Morris not only has the training and experience required to perform these intense surgeries, she also instructs other surgeons and doctors on proper procedure and routine when performing either of the operations.

Through careful study, intense examination and years of qualified experience, Dr. Morris is now respected as one of the leading experts in the field of eye care and surgery and specifically these two related procedures. For patients seeking a surgeon with the reputation as being the best, Dr. Morris has the background and skills to meet that label. If you’re a patient that is currently facing challenges with either of the above listed procedures, or needs an examination, then contact the offices of Dr. Carrie Morris to get immediate assistance.

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