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Lacrimal System Surgical Treatment (DCR Surgical treatment)


A DCR is a highly specialized surgical procedure on the tear duct which involves the exploration and reconstruction of the tear ductworks that generally drain tears from the eye area right into the nose and also mouth. Too much tearing is a typical grievance Dr. Morris assesses in her patients. Excessive tearing could arise from a variety of sources as well as his part is to evaluate the tear duct system and also making certain your symptoms are not a direct outcome of a constriction or obstruction within the tear ductwork system. The lacrimal system is additionally referred to as the nasolacrimal system, tear ductwork system, or lacrimal drainage mechanism. It is a drain system that enables tears from the ocular surface area to drain down right into the nasopharynx. Individuals could be facing other problems within the lacrimal system which can result in a constriction or a clog anywhere throughout the path. Patients often have issues with tearing during that specific eye and may or might not have a record of persistent infections.

The splits drain from two positions within the eyelids, each called a punctum, which are 1-2 millimeters in diameter. They each drain right into a canaliculus, both which meet to develop a lacrimal sac. Typically the puncta or canaliculi are stenotic or obstructed and also might need reconstruction procedure to open up the lumen up ideally. The canaliculi after that drain right into the lacrimal pouch, which then clears right into the nasolacrimal air duct within the nasal passageways.

We commonly see blockage around the lacrimal pouch area also; as well as a complete lacrimal system assessment needs to be done to recognize the problematic area within the lacrimal system. Women and people over 50 are more in jeopardy for developing a nasolacrimal tear duct blockage. This is likely because of a range of factors including their thin nasolarimal ducts family member to men, as well as hormonal changes which could incline women to increased bouts of swelling or swelling of their nasolacrimal ductwork lining tissue. If there is a blockage near the lacrimal sac as well as the person has consistent tearing and/or past history of infections, a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) surgical procedure might be required and performed. This is a surgery with extremely high success rates and also enables the creation of an avoid system for the rips to drain into the nasal passages. Dr. Morris has substantial training in performing DCRs and makes use of the current advancements in DCR surgical treatment frequently using an endonasal technique. In picked DCR cases, this approach can be used to perform the surgery through the nose, alleviating the need for an incision, sutures, and a scar.

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