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Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty


Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgical procedure, which involves the elimination of excess skin and fat pockets in the upper and also lesser eyelids. In the top eyelids, excess skin can result in a weary appearance to some, while in others; it can actually lead to difficulty seeing, since the extra skin is blocking your visual field. This can make it difficult to read, drive, or perform other daily tasks in life. Dr. Morris will certainly meet you throughout your consultation as well as do a comprehensive oculoplastic exam.

The Upper Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Both you and Dr. Morris will go over the plan and what to anticipate from the surgical treatment. An upper blepharoplasty can be done in the office, surgery center, or hospital. This depends on the amount of surgery that you need, your overall medical health, and comfort level. An upper blepharoplasty is frequently done at the same time as a lower blepharoplasty where the excess skin and fat pockets are eliminated. In situations where the brows are also droopy, Dr. Morris may advise an eyebrow lift. Upper eyelid surgical treatment will not aid with the great creases behind your eyelids however. Botulinum toxin could be injected to assist enhance these creases and it  could be utilized in combination with eyelid surgical treatment. Sometimes a CO2 laser is used to make the incisions and remove the skin, which helps minimize swelling and bruising.

Why Decide on Dr. Morris

Dr. Morris is a board-certified ASOPRS Oculofacial plastic and orbital reconstructive surgeon along with a board certified ophthalmologist and cosmetic surgeon. She successfully completed a two year ASOPRS fellowship and is only a handful of specialists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She has frequently spoken at conferences regarding her research and study publications.

Unique Factors to Consider

Various other important points to consider are a history of dry eyes and also previous eyelid surgical treatment, both which have to be reviewed thoroughly prior to any kind of eyelid surgical procedure by Dr. Morris. Dry eyes need to be under control by your eye doctor before surgical procedures can take place since dry eye symptoms could increase after eyelid surgery.  Having prior eyelid surgical treatment does not omit you from additional surgery; yet, it is essential to see an eyelid expert such as Dr. Morris for an appropriate assessment making sure you will be a risk-free and also suitable prospect.

Combination Treatments

In situations of droopy brows with excess eyelid skin, patients may require to have a combined brow lift along with upper eyelid blepharoplasty. There are a number of different brow lifting procedures that Dr. Morris performs. They all provide exceptional results when done on the suitably picked clients. The incisions for the eyebrow lift could either be incorporated in the existing blepharoplasty cuts (such as eyebrow pexy) or well-hidden little in incisions in the hair-bearing scalp locations (such as in temporal brow lift or endoscopic brow lift surgical procedures). The advantage of incorporating an eyebrow lift with a blepharoplasty is that the brows are repositioned to a much more natural, younger placement. By doing so, less skin is required to be eliminated in the upper eyelids. This eliminates a heavy brow appearance, associated with aging changes.

In other circumstances, patients are unhappy with the ‘hollowed-out look’ of their top eyelids. This can be from either having actually undergone prior eyelid surgical procedure with excess skin or fat removal or just from maturing modifications in the eyelid. In such instances, moderate ptosis of the eyelids can get worse the hollow appearance. Dr. Morris will carry out a careful analysis and advise the maximum procedure to ideal rejuvenate the eyelids. Usually the clients will not need additional removal of skin yet rather quantity augmentation using a filler of choice (hyaluronic acid such as Restylane). Doing a ptosis repair could likewise boost the eyelids and also enhance the hollowed-out look.

Healing After Upper Eyelid Surgical Procedure

Depending on the intricacy of the instance, the surgery normally lasts 1-2 hrs and also you could anticipate going home the same day of surgery. Healing is lessened by Dr. Morris fast recuperation strategies, yet patients should expect to be puffy and bruised for at least 2 weeks.

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