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Dark Circle Treatment


If you’re fed up with seeing those bags under your eyes and puffiness every morning, then Dr. Morris has exactly what you need. Dark circles treatment is available to help you gain a more youthful appearance and get your younger looking skin back. Just because you have stress in your life and are aging doesn’t mean you have to suffer with dark circles any longer. With one simple consultation with Dr. Morris you could be one your way to a fresh new look and feel.

What are the Causes of Dark Circles?

  • Aging causes a drop in the cheek and midface fat resulting in a larger deficiency of volume in the cheek-lid junction.
  • Thinning of skin causing the muscle and blood to show.
  • A herniation or prolapse of the fat pockets.
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin which can be more pronounced during pregnancy or when on certain medications.
  • Allergies or skin conditions like rosacea.

How Dr. Morris Treats Dark Circles

Once sleep adjustments, vitamin deficiencies and side effects of medications have been eliminated as possible causes for the dark circles, Dr. Morris can further diagnose the problem. She will then select the best procedure to use to get the job done and help your treat the unwanted bags under the eyes.

Under Eye Treatment

When hyperpigmentation is found to be the cause of the problem, a dermal filler is typically used to treat the problem. Synthetic fillers and hyaluronic acids like Restylane, Belotero or Juvederm are all possible fillers that can be used.

The fillers will help to improve volume and help with the appearance of aging. It will also help to reduce fat that is herniated and is one of the safest procedures that can be performed. There will be a topical anesthetic used to treat the problem and can be done in 30 minutes. The results of the procedure are long lasting around one year and excellent in nearly every case.

When the bags are completely age related, a lower lid blepharoplasty will be performed. Sometimes the fillers simply aren’t enough to complete the job or patients would rather have a more permanent solution.

For prolapsed or bulging eyes, the treatment could include bleaching and brightening. The results will vary from patient to patient. If the issue is strictly due to thin skin, then a chemical peel or laser treatment may be needed. These are excellent treatments for patients with a lower pigment count and sensitive skin.

Finally, those patients with rosacea or allergies will get the best results from a proper treatment of allergies, lifestyle changes and controlling the living environment.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes require a lot of care and attention to eliminate. It takes a highly trained and skilled doctor to perform the procedures correctly. Dr. Morris is qualified and experienced to handle all your needs. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation and to help remove the bags and dark circles under your eyes.

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