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Written Testimonials from Our Oculofacial Patients


Morris H.

“I wanted to write you and “thank you” for what you have done for me. It has been very painful for me to wake up in the mornings because of the drying of my eye. I have been told that there was a chance I would lose vision in that eye because of the chronic infections I kept getting because of the drying of my eye. This would be especially bad for me because I only have one eye. I have been told by the doctor that did my total facial reconstruction surgery that there was nothing more that could be done for it. I was very disappointed. So when I say “Thank you” it is with true feeling.”


Jeannine F.

“The experiences of having a new tear duct drain in my eye by Dr. Morris was easy. Her staff is professional and polite. Dr. Morris clearly explains the medical issue and cause(s). She reviews the procedure making sure the patient (me) completely understands every facet of before, during, and after. My confidence in Dr. Morris leads me to recommend her any ocular procedure and if necessary I would return to her care in a heartbeat. Thank you”


Glenda C.

“Dr. Morris did surgery on 4/11/14 – basal cell carcinoma very close to my right eye. I was very happy with the surgery and she is the best. Called to check on me which you do not hear of very often. Thanks Dr. Morris.”


Jessica W. 7 yrs old

“Everyone was very friendly. I wasn’t afraid at all. I feel so much better. Dr. Morris is a very good doctor and done an awesome job. And the medicine they gave me for my eye didn’t hurt at all.”


Sally Y.

“Blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, not only corrected my peripheral vision; but also greatly improved the appearance of my eye area. During my initial visit with Dr. Carrie Morris, I found her to be an excellent listener, as I enumerated my surgical concerns. She took time to explain in detail all aspects of the surgery, recovery, and results. Dr. Morris is a meticulous surgeon, and can’t thank her enough for providing me with a “new view” of the world around me”.


Catherine G.

“I am a happy patient. You are dedicated to your profession and to your patients. Chattanooga is fortunate to have you.”


Majorie K.

Dr. Morris removed a basal cell cancer on my left eyelid and face. She did an excellent job and I am very pleased with results. She is very gentle and kind and explains everything very well. I have had this place removed 5 times now (by other doctors who did not remove it completely) and this has been the most positive treatment yet (no more cancer). Results are very, very nice.”


Brenda D.

“Thank you so much for doing my eyelid (surgery). You are a wonderful person.”


Rose A.

“I want to thank you all for your kindness and warmth during that time. You’re a great team! I appreciate you. God Bless”


Adrick W.

“We appreciate everything you did for our son and just wanted to thank you.”


Lynn F.

“Dr. Morris you are one of the most down to earth and caring doctors that I have ever met! God bless you!”


Tom P.

“In this troubled world it’s refreshing to find someone who still has the time to be kind… Your kindness and caring play such a big part in lifting the spirit and touching the heart, The warmest of thank you’s can’t even begin to express what a wonderful blessing you’ve been. Thank you so very much.”


Sylvia C.

“My husband passed away April 26th. Please tell Dr. Morris I appreciate all she did for my husband. She is a wonderful example of kindness and compassion. My husband really liked her…”


Steve G.

“Thank you big time! You made me see things in a different light!”


Brenda D.

“You’re kindness is such a blessing and so are you. Thanks so much. I’m so grateful you are here.”


Alice R.

“When I went to the doctor to get new glasses he told me it wasn’t my eyes, it was my eyelids. I had never been told that before so I thought that it can’t be true. But he told me about Dr. Morris. I made an appointment and went to her. She told me that I needed surgery. Boy was I shocked! We took the (HVF) test and found out that they were worse than we thought. Did the surgery and now I can see without my glasses! It is great to not wear them. I only wear them I do close-up like cross-stitch. I can’t believe the difference it has made. I think Dr. Morris is a great doctor and would tell everyone to come see her.”


Steve U., MD

“Thank you again for taking the time to evaluate my eye! It was very reassuring knowing someone as capable as you was rendering care. You are a gifted physician and I wish you all the best with your new endeavor. All the best!”


Jennifer S., P.A.

“On December 29, you were kind enough to come to the Children’s Hospital Emergency Dept to repair an eyelid laceration (even though you were not on call). All of us in the department would like to thank you for your willingness. I know the family of this child (2 year old girl) was very grateful to receive your first rate medical care. We are so glad you choose to come to Chattanooga and welcome you.”


Jodie H.

“Dr. Morris – Words fail to describe the level of gratitude I have for you. You only saw my husband once for a few minutes, but it was your diagnosis that saved his eyes. While he will never fully recover, we are thankful for the sight that he has. You were probably unaware but if it were not for you we would have been discharged without the proper treatment for a second time and Chris would probably be blind. I pray that God blesses you because you blessed my husband. He is still able to watch our little girl grow up thanks to you. You were very kind and I wish that one day I could some how repay you.”


Diane P.

“One year later… Can’t even tell I had surgery (upper lid cancer reconstruction)! Thank you so much!!”


Roy Y.

“Dr. Morris – It was certainly our blessing to have you as my eye doctor.”


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