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8 Problems That Botox® Corrects

8 Problems That Botox® Corrects

Botox® Cosmetic took the medical aesthetics field by storm since its approval in 2002 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating muscle-related wrinkles on the face. Since that time, it’s become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments in the United States. 

Botox and related treatments account for over 4 million treatments annually; it’s the most common cosmetic procedure in the country. In addition to cosmetic applications, doctors use Botox to treat eye issues, excessive sweating, urinary incontinence, and even migraines. New applications continue to emerge for this powerful yet precise neuromodulator. 

At Radiance Wellness MediSpa, we offer Botox to our patients for a range of aesthetic needs. We routinely use Botox injections for eight common cosmetic problems that many people share. From these options, we develop a custom treatment plan that addresses the issues that matter to you. If you seek improvements in any of these areas, contact our offices to find out more. 

How Botox works

While delivered by injection, the same method as dermal fillers, Botox is an active treatment while fillers are, by definition, passive, “filling in” for voids and lost tissue.

Instead, Botox acts on the muscles that cause certain types of wrinkles. Rather than fully relaxing after making a facial expression, these muscles remain in a semi-contracted state. Overlying skin follows the contours of these muscles, resulting in wrinkles that reveal the muscle shapes. 

Strategic injections of Botox relieve the semi-contraction, allowing muscles to fully relax. This lets skin settle smoothly at the treatment location. At Radiance Wellness MediSpa, we routinely use Botox injections to treat: 

Crow’s feet

Along with forehead worry lines and between-the-eyes “elevens,” crow’s feet on the outsides of the eyes are the primary places most people receive Botox injections. These locations tend to produce big results for a more youthful appearance. 

Droopy eyebrows

Botox can help with other aspects of eye appearance, too. Sagging eyebrows can result from muscle contraction, making the area above your eyes an ideal spot for Botox. 

Under-eye wrinkles

As well as crow’s feet beside the eyes, muscle contraction can add to under-eye wrinkles. Botox helps to reduce the depth of these creases, further smoothing your skin’s appearance around the eyes. 

Lip lines

Certain folds around your mouth that form when you purse your lips could be another target for Botox injections. While Botox can’t help fine vertical lines caused by collagen loss, dermal fillers can, and they’re an excellent complementary treatment with Botox. 

Gummy smile

One cause of gummy smiles is an overactive upper lip that retracts too much, exposing your gums. These muscles may also pull your upper lip into a tight line. Botox injections can prevent a tight smile while reducing gum exposure. 

Chin wrinkles

Some creases and folds around your chin trace back to partially contracted muscles. The relaxing effects of Botox can help some patients avoid the “peach pit” chin appearance caused by this. 


Botox can tighten certain types of drooping in your jowls. This offers improved definition along the jawline, downplaying the appearance of jowls and shaving years off your look. 

Neck cords and neck lines

Pronounced cords or bands down your neck can suggest that you’re older than your years. Botox softens existing lines, and it can even prevent neck cords from starting. 

What can Botox do for you?

Your ideal treatment likely features a Botox plan to address one or more of these eight problems. Call or click to book a session with the Botox specialists at Radiance Wellness MediSpa in Granbury or Southlake, Texas, today.  

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