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What Can I Do for My Sagging Neck?

It’s November, and the only turkey neck that should concern you is the one going into your stock pot for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, “turkey neck” may be revealing your chronological age. Loose skin, drooping muscles, and fat deposits conspire to create the striated poultry-like look that may be at odds with the well-kept look of your face.

Your neck isn’t the easiest location to keep in shape, but you can make a difference when you put your mind to it. When you need aesthetic assistance, Radiance Wellness MediSpa has four Texas locations to help you, providing medical spa treatments that go beyond your home care efforts.

Book an appointment for a consultation when you need that something extra to roll back the clock. In this post, we explain what you can do for a sagging neck.

The aging effects on your neck 

With the exception of your eyelids, the thinnest skin on your body is found on your neck, so it’s prone to fast deterioration, taking on the aged, crepe-like texture you’re likely trying to avoid. This is skin that’s loose with little elasticity, but that’s only the first of three problems your neck faces. 

Your body stores fat differently as you get older, and a problem spot for many is under the chin. When fat collects in this submental region, you can lose the definition between chin and neck. You may develop the double-chin effect, or you may just have a fleshy slope where once your jaw blended gracefully into your neck. 

Finally, muscles in your neck lose tone, and that further contributes to the sag. A thin, v-shaped muscle called the platysma takes on a ligament-like appearance, adding ropey lines to your neck. 

What can you do for your sagging neck?

Exercise is the go-to to tighten up muscles anywhere in your body, and it’s a great place to start when improving the appearance of your neck. However, don’t look for the neck machine at your local gym. Try these easy-to-do home drills that restore tone to your neck muscles. 

Ceiling chew

Sit straight with your chin pointing up toward the ceiling. Rotate your lower jaw as though you were chewing, with your lips closed. Repeat the rotation 20 times. 

Ceiling kiss

In the same position, purse your lips and press them forward in an exaggerated kissing motion toward the ceiling. 

Head press

In a seated position, hold your palms against your forehead and press your head forward with your neck muscles, resisting motion with the pressure of your hands. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Place your hands behind your head and press backward, also for 10 seconds. 

Neck lift

Lie on a bed with your shoulders at the edge so your head is unsupported. Focus on your neck muscles and use these to slowly raise your head to level. Hold for five seconds, and then slowly lower your head again. Repeat this five times. 

What Kybella® can do for your sagging neck

When fat deposits under your chin create a sloped neck profile, Kybella can give you back your angles. Kybella treatments are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for dissolving fat cells under your chin.

Once those fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. With a simple injection in our office, Kybella goes to work. Within weeks, you notice a reduction in fullness under the chin. The restored angle between jaw and neck can even take up some of the skin slack you might be experiencing.

Loose excess skin may remain a problem, so if you’re not seeing results with home exercise or Kybella injections, neck lift surgery may be the next step. Contemporary techniques are often minimally invasive with shorter recovery times than full facelifts, making neck surgery a viable option for women in their 40s. 

Contact Radiance Wellness MediSpa for your personal consultation. You can call the nearest location directly or use our online booking tool. It’s time for a neckline that looks as young as you feel, and we can help you say goodbye to your sagging neck.

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