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6 Benefits of Smartlipo®

6 Benefits of Smartlipo®

Your body shape can be a curious thing. While there’s plenty you can do with diet and exercise, sometimes nature has ideas of its own. As you get older, fat deposits between skin and muscle can form in ways that don’t agree with your body contour goals. 

It wasn’t that long ago that surgical liposuction was virtually the only option for reshaping these problem spots. It’s effective but also an expensive procedure that requires general anesthesia, large scars, and weeks of recovery. 

Dr. Carrie L. Morris and the team at Radiance Wellness MediSpa are pleased to offer their patients Smartlipo®, a minimally invasive, laser-based lipolysis system. With over a decade of success backed by more than 45 clinical studies, Smartlipo offers a range of advantages over conventional liposuction when it comes to fine-tuning body shape. 

The drawbacks of conventional liposuction

Traditional liposuction is a process that works through brute force. A hollow cannula is inserted under your skin and manipulated to break up fat tissue, which is then vacuumed away. 

While it’s effective at removing and reshaping some body parts, it can leave ripples and sagging skin in some patients. It can also leave bruises and require weeks for recovery. 

How laser lipolysis works

Laser lipolysis with Smartlipo uses a smaller cannula, requiring incisions of only one-eighth of an inch, twice as small as those with conventional liposuction. This is possible because of the advantages of the system’s laser. 

Fat cells reach a point of coagulation when warmed to about 10 degrees above normal body temperature. The three laser wavelengths delivered by the Smartlipo system bring fat tissue up to the coagulation point as the light energy is absorbed at the treatment site. 

At this point, the cells begin to break down, and they pass easily through the smaller cannula. The gentle warming from the Smartlipo system also spurs new collagen production in the middle layer of the skin. This results in tighter skin in the treatment area, preventing sagging where fat cells have been removed. 

Benefits of Smartlipo

Smartlipo stacks up well against conventional liposuction surgery, and because it’s also minimally invasive, it may open up body sculpting to a wider audience who might not consider cosmetic surgery. The top six benefits of Smartlipo are: 

Local anesthetic

There’s no need for general anesthesia with Smartlipo. Conventional liposuction requires that you be asleep through the procedure, which also extends the length of your treatment when compared to Smartlipo. 

Melting vs. scraping

Laser warming literally melts fat tissue for smooth contouring and easy removal. Conventional liposuction scrapes fat away, which can sometimes cause rippling. 

Tiny incisions

Smartlipo incisions are one-quarter the size of those needed for conventional liposuction. 

Two days of downtime

Typical downtime after Smartlipo is one or two days, versus up to two weeks for surgical liposuction. 

Less bruising

Bruising is usually extensive with conventional techniques. Smartlipo drastically reduces the amount of post-procedure bruising you experience. 

Skin tightening

Laser energy jump-starts new collagen growth, tightening the skin and preventing skin sag.

You’re a good candidate for Smartlipo if you’re near or at your ideal weight but with some fat bulges interfering with your body shape goals. Find out more by contacting the nearest location of Radiance Wellness MediSpa by phone or online to schedule your personal consultation now.

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